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Who We Are

It has always been the goal of founder, Enrique Castillo, to produce extraordinary grapes that could rival any other. Enrique's Vineyard Management was founded in 2007 and has flourished since then.

Thanks to the good care, proper fertilization and training that we give to our vines, we produce ultra-premium grapes that showcase the remarkable quality of the region. In order to ensure the highest industry standards, our grapes are lovingly tended from the start of the growing season to the end of harvest time.

We’re passionate about serving our clientele with the great taste and quality fruit they’ve come to expect. We help manage everything from small family vineyards, to large wineries such as well known Sonoma Winery, B. Wise Vineyards.

panoramic picture of grapevine roots_edi
panoramic picture of grapevine roots_edi
panoramic picture of grapevine roots_edi



At the heart and soul of Enrique's Vineyard Management Inc, is our founder, Enrique Castillo. With over 30 years of experience in vineyard management and agriculture, there’s no doubt that our vineyards would not be the same if it weren’t for Enrique's masterful technique to care and tender to the vines.

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